NOTE: If you experience application crashing on start please contact us via support e-mail. We haven’t experienced this issue and we have tested on all Apple supported devices. It is very hard to fix something that we cannot see. Please contact us and we will be happy to resolve this issue either by fixing it or refunding the money.


Q) What is the support e-mail address?

Q) What does StampPhoto do?
A) Its purpose is to inject Map and a Date/Time stamp into your photos. It goes a little further to allow user to customize the appearance of the two elements to enhance your photos with this useful information.

Q) Can I use StampPhoto to post to FaceBook and Twitter?
A) Yes, you can.

Q) What devices are supported?
A) Any Apple device running iOS 7. StampPhoto is an “ Universal app”. Devices supported: iPhones, iPads and camera equipped iPods.

Q) Will I have to buy this app for every one of supported devices in my possession?
A) No. One purchase will allow you to download StampPhoto on each of your devices.

Q) How do you know where the photos were taken?
A) Although it might not be visibly obvious, your photos have GPS location and date/time stamp inside of them. StampPhoto simply takes this imbedded information and makes it more obvious. GPS location services must be enabled prior to taking photos using camera(s) of your iOS device.

Q) How do I enter GPS location into StampPhoto?
A) You can’t. The GPS location is either inside the photo or not. StampPhoto uses only the info already inside the photo.

Q) Do I need StampPhoto to take photos?
A) No. StampPhoto does not take photos. It uses pre-existing photos and enhances them with information found inside of them.

Q) Does StampPhoto take pictures?
A) No.

Q) What type of customizations can I do with StampPhoto?
A) You can place Map and Date/StampPhoto anywhere on your photo, turn their appearance on or off, change zoom of map, place PushPin to make it easier to tell where the exact location was, change type of Map displayed, allow user to imbed a personalized text message to go along with the PushPin, change Orange intensity of the Date/Time stamp. You can customize the placement and size of Map and Date/Time stamp anywhere on the photo.

Q) Can I upload the newly enhanced photo to my favorite social media site?
A) No. You will have to use apps provided in iOS 5 to do so.

Q) How do I access settings?
A) Tap on the photo and extra features will appear for 5 seconds. Try not to tap on Map and Date/Time stamp. Those touch signals will go to Map and/or Date/Time stamp.

Q) How do I change position of Map or Date/Time?
A) Simply tap on Map or Date/Time and move them where you wish and they will follow.

Q) How do I change size of Map or Date/Time?
A) Imagine a frame around the Map. Put two fingertips on the outside of that frame. This move will start resizing the size of Map or Date/Time. Future size of the rectangle will be defined as you pinch in and out. The line between two fingers will be the diagonal of the new rectangle.